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Earth Viewer

3D globe geo-browser applications built with the Web WorldWind virtual globe SDK from NASA and ESA.


alt text General purpose 3D globe geo-browser with maps, imagery, terrain, markers and place name finder.

Bible Atlas

alt text Geography, civilizations and cartography of the Holy Land on a 3D virtual globe.

Mars (Next!)

alt text Martian places, imagery and terrain featuring the upcoming InSight landing.

Weather (coming)

Weather observations and forecasts

Wildfires (coming)

Wildfire locations and behaviors

Earthquakes (coming)

Earthquake locations and magnitudes

Tactical (coming)

MilSymbol symbology

HAM (planned)

Amateur radio (ham) resources

ISS (planned)

Track the International Space Station (iss)

Climate (planned)

Global climate data

Scenes (planned)

Recorded scenes with playback

Photos (planned)

Geotagged photos viewed in the context of the globe